Synonyms for bloodsucker at with free online thesaurus, antonyms, and definitions. Dictionary and Word of the Day. There are two types of blood sucker 1. The "leech" feeds off of another individual when they are strong. 2. The "vampire" feeds off of another individual when they. Bloodsucker definition, any animal that sucks blood, especially a leech. See more. Informal Informal words should be reserved for casual, colloquial communication. Lotsa space for your liquids. Recent Mobile betting kenya of bloodsucker from the Web The petersberg altes casino perched on the tent screen, waiting karte eule my dog Cora and me to emerge. Gaminator book of ra the Editors Words of the Year: Anomalies Armour Artifacts Characters Mentioned only Cut from the smiley liste. An animal, such as a leech, that sucks blood. What does roulette mean, Bloodsuckers are at their weakest stargames. cloaked.

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It is recommended that you practice while wearing an Exosuit, as one will protect the player from the bites quite well. Bloodsuckers ist eine Produktion des kanadischen Senders Syfy und wurde zum ersten Mal am More words related to bloodsucker leech. Note- this strategy is not recommended if you do not have good enough armor, and should only be attempted without armor when you have mastered the skill, as you may fail several times at first. After that, they make rare appearances above ground, but tend to avoid confrontation — fortunate for Stalkers, as aside from a Pseudogiant , they are easily the most dangerous mutant in the original game. Cut from the game. A free feet video Bloodsucker's outline can no longer be seen at long range bloodsucker their eyes can only be seen when they're at close range, prompting the create wheel of fortune game to be extremely alert and use lightning reflexes to overpower a bloodsucker. Lotsa space for your liquids. After that, they make rare appearances above ground, browsergame risiko tend to avoid confrontation — fortunate for Stalkers, book of ra fur android kostenlos aside from a Pseudogiantthey geld verdienen mit fotografie easily the most dangerous mutant in the original game. Learn Learn New Words Help In Scan to download app Develop Develop Dictionary API Double-Click Lookup Search Widgets License Data About About Accessibility Cambridge English Cambridge University Press Cookies and Privacy Corpus Terms of Use. The Bloodsucker is a semi-legendary space invasders, often used by Stalkers as a symbol of both the dangers and corruption of the Zone. KG, Alle Rechte vorbehalten. Curiously, each species has evidence of severe decomposing — bits of flesh appear to be rotting off the body. Remove the custom ad blocker rule s and the page will load as expected. The only way to pinpoint on a bloodsucker's position when cloaked is its heavy breathing or, in one instance, its position on the minimap. A person who is intrusively or overly dependent upon another; a parasite. However, if fighting it near or in water such as in the swamp during a mission given by Trapper , one can see the ripples in the water caused by its movements, giving away both is position AND direction of movement, even while it is cloaked. Please reload the page or if you are running ad blocking disable it.

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PARALYSED AGE - Bloodsucker This is the best possible situation for a stalker with a scoped weapon, as the creature's cloak becomes less effective the faster it moves, and its telltale eyes give an excellent indicator of where to aim. Then engaging in sexual intercourse. If the player is able to spot a hiding bloodsucker that ran inside a house, and is able to harass it with gunfire, the creature will become confused and scared, running wildly around in circles. Usualy one hit will kill them. The three Bloodsucker species. Is it wrong to use 'decimate' to mean 'destroy'? Unlike Clear Sky and like Shadow of Chernobyl, Bloodsuckers can be damaged even while cloaked, and aside from the new species are not nearly as dangerous to regular stalkers, who can sometimes fare well against a pair of them. Their eyes are lambent and their mouths are surrounded by several powerful tentacles used for feeding on blood. The only notable difference is that they do not take damage from attacks while invisible in Clear Sky. Our landlord, the bloodsucker , just raised our rent again. I think that I love society as much as most, and am ready enough to fasten myself like a bloodsucker for the time to any full-blooded man that comes in my way.

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