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When one of the players takes in his turn all the uncovered cards on the table it´s said to make an scopa (broom); this is pointed. (Briscola Rules!) (Scopa means broom or sweep in Italian. The object of the game is to sweep, or clean, the table of cards). Just a few words about cards that are. When one of the players takes in his turn all the uncovered cards on the table it´s said to make an scopa (broom); this is pointed. Briscola Rules January 17, The new dealer shuffles and deals the cards as described above. This is called playing a trick and the cards then become your captured cards. Karten können eingestrichen werden, wenn der Wert der gespielten Karte gleich dem Wert einer auf dem Tisch liegenden Karte ist oder der Summe aus mehreren Tischkarten entspricht. Der Rest der Karten bleibt als Talon verdeckt. Taking as many cards as possible is generally the way to win.

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Italian Cards - Scopa After the dealer has played the final card of the final hand of the round, the player who most recently took a trick is awarded any remaining cards on the table. As in most Italian games, play is anticlockwise. Remembering which cards are unpaired is especially important for the dealer, who may then be able to arrange to make a capture with the last card. A prime of four suits always beats a prime of three suits, irrespective of the points values, so a team that has no cards at all in one suit will always lose to a team with all four suits: After all players have played all three cards, the dealer deals out three more cards to each player, again beginning with the player to his right. Die allerletzte gespielte Karte die einen Stich macht nimmt automatisch alle restlichen Tischkarten mit, ohne dass dies eine scopa ist, ganz egal ob die Werte von Handkarte und Tischkarten zufällig übereinstimmen oder auch nicht. Only the highest scoring card in each suit counts, and you need at least one card in each suit. A player or team can win the "prime" even with only one seven but other useful cards. Since the Coins are important in winning some points, the cards of that suit are also nicknamed as "bello" handsome: There is much more that could be said about the strategy of Scopone. If you already have played escoba, you will learn quickly scopa by reading the differences between both games:. Check out the additional pages here for rules or try out http: scopa rules card game

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